Best Aquarium Heater 2024, Reliable and Tested (Ultimate Guide)

It is important to have an aquarium heater if you want to keep tropical fish. You must have a reliable aquarium heater since fish prefer certain water temperatures. A fish species could die from the cold or the heat if the water is too cold or too hot. In most cases, aquarists do not have the time, money, or desire to experiment with several heaters. They simply need to buy one.

Various aquarium heater brands and models are not widely available in the market. Looking for the best one could be challenging for a beginner. Make sure you buy one that will provide reliable heat, otherwise, it might end up harming your pets instead of helping them as desired. Using this method, your fish’s body will stay healthy and stable. This creature needs to live in a comfortable environment that is ideal for it to thrive; it is your responsibility to create an environment where it can flourish.

Best Fish Tank Heaters: Buying and Using Tips

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If you want your fish to be happy, you need to give them the room they need. Your tank should accommodate their needs as much as possible – with a size of 20 gallons or more! You may find that goldfish tend to thrive in moderate light (natural sunlight preferred) whereas bettas require bright, warm environments. Consider what kinds of organisms you would like to include within your dwelling and how these will affect each other’s surroundings and overall well-being before making a final decision on an aquarium heater.

This blog post rounds up some of the best fish tank heaters currently available on the market, based on the type of species you are looking to house. We have compiled a list of the 10 best aquarium heaters based on what size of your tank, whether it be a large-volume or a medium-sized one, along with where the heater will be placed (at the top or bottom). This list should help you pick the right heater for your tank out of many varieties. Best Small 6 Liter Aquarium withstand.

Customer,s Best Choices


Fluval aquarium fish tank heater best submersible aquarium heater

  • Quite reasonable in price
  • 5-year warranty
  • Quickly heats water
  • Excellently designed
  • Easily adjustable temperature and LCD

2-Cobalt Aquatic Neo-Therm Heaters

  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Preventing overheating with thermal protection
  • Temperature range adjustable
  • Suitable for use

AQQA Aquarium heater best fish tank heater for tropical fish

  • Temperature set accurately
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • It is light in weight


Best Aquarium Heaters Reviews

best aquarium heater  Australia

1-Fluval E Electronic Aquarium Heater

Fluval E Electronic aquarium heater

A Fluval U4 aquarium heater is really good and works very well. It can show you the right temperature of your fish tank water. You can use it for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. This heater can keep the water at a temperature between 66 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s designed for tanks up to 75 gallons in size.

To use the heater correctly, put it completely underwater along with its cord. Make sure the plug is facing outwards. Don’t worry, it’s safe to put it in water. This heater keeps the water temperature steady, so it doesn’t go up and down when the weather is rainy or cold. Just use a thermometer to check how warm your fish tank is.

 It must be installed at a 45-degree angle, and at the end of the bottom, it should face the filter’s inlet. You can also point to the outlet of the filter to squeeze water into it.

best submersible aquarium heater

Put it in your aquarium for about 20 minutes. After inserting it, it may take a while to set the temperature. It will conduct a self-test and calibrate with a small amount of heat.

The sensors inform you to check the water flow around the heater by mentioning LF. It controls temperature and goes up and down in 0.5-degree increments as well. The red display means clearly that things are too hot on the other side blue shows the coldness of aquariums.

However, it’s slim-shaped but has different versions like 100 watts works up to a 30-gallon water tank. There are 2 variations 50-200 watts you can choose your own. We appreciate it because of its features and it is one of our favorite heaters.

  • Quite reasonable in price
  • 5-year warranty
  • Quickly heats water
  • Excellently designed
  • Easily adjustable temperature and LCD
  • There must be enough water flow
  • Temperature fluctuations have been reported in a few cases

2-Cobalt Aquatic Neo-Therm Heaters

best aquarium heater

 Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm heater is also on the list of top fin heaters as its stylish exterior with an electronic accurate microprocessor thermostat appeals to me. It keeps the temperature in the aquarium specifically correct.

The thing I like it more is its 3-year warranty and during this period if you have been in some trouble, Cobalt won’t charge you extra(which is unlikely)

First of all, is to set the temperature which can easily be done. You can set the temperature from 66°F to 96°F.

With the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm heater, you can easily set the European-made shatterproof heater displays the set temperature and aquarium temperature through LEDs for immediate visible confirmation. The size of the structure is only 2″x 1″!

You have to install the suction cups included in the kit and install them in the bracket. Slide the bracket to the heater at the designated position.

Place the Neo-Therm heater into the aquarium by pressing the end of the suction cup firmly against the wall surface. This ensures uniform heat distribution and optimal performance. No part of the radiator should come into contact with gravel, stones, and other aquarium decorations.

best compact aquarium heater

Before connecting the heater, you need to wait for a while. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the LED indicator will show that it will flash slowly.

After selecting the desired temperature, press the button on the top of the heater. Each time the pressure increases the temperature of the water tank by 2°F.

 Buying this aquarium heater is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to safety and reliability.

  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Preventing overheating with thermal protection
  • Temperature range adjustable
  • Suitable for use
  • Quite expensive

3-Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostate Heater

Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostate Heater

This stylish and innovative Eheim’s Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater is the perfect way to keep your poor friends’ water tank comfortable during the winter. You can keep an eye on the temperature in your aquarium at any time, anywhere. This slim heater is available in wattages ranging from 25W to 300W and is easy to use.

A German electronic product with UL certification and manual heating control, available in high quality. A measurement device fulfills the purpose of the device. The temperatures you specify will be accurate to 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. In that sense, it is as accurate as Cobalt Neo-Therms. The device can be calibrated as well!

Eheim Jager heaters have a simple but effective design and can easily be heated tanks with a capacity of 220 gallons.

  • Easily adjusts temperature from 64° F to 93.2 °F.
  • Perfect for marine and freshwater tanks.
  • Easy and secure to recalibrate (±35 °F).
  • The heater is watertight and absolutely submersible.
  • Features an automated dry run shut-off.

 An outer jacket of specially designed laboratory glass ensures uniform heat dissipation and acts as a heat shield at the same time. Variation in sizes to choose from, and there is the perfect Jager constant temperature heater for every water appliance, whether you are an enthusiastic beginner with a 20-liter water tank or a 1000-liter professional aquarium.

best budget aquarium heater
  • Low water turn-off automatically.
  • Completely submersible.
  • Temperature can be controlled precisely.
  • An extra-long power cord.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • A long unit.
  • The flow of water must be good.
  • Adjustment dials for temperature can be stiff.
  • The heater is quite tall

4-Aqueon Pro Adjustable Heater

best aquarium heater

With its 250-watt capacity, this betta aquarium heater from Aqueon can heat water to between 20 and 31 degrees Celsius and fit in an aquarium that has a volume of 208 liters. Despite its durability, it is made from solid metal and has an anti-corrosive covering.

With the Aqueon Pro, you can adjust the water temperature precisely and cover a wide range of aquarium sizes. The temperature can easily be set to your ideal level. Because it is manually controlled, the settings will not be reset during a power outage, so temperature setting errors are less likely to occur. The exactness of Aqueon Pro is within 1 degree. It is suitable for most settings but is considered suspicious in sensitive environments such as coral reef aquariums.

 Use the adjustable and precise Aqueon Pro aquarium heater to keep your fish happy and healthy with the ideal water temperature.

It is easy to ensure the water climate is appropriate for your fish, no matter whether the aquarium is in freshwater or salted water in your tropical community. You can be confident that the unbreakable design will keep your fish safe and healthy.

This fish tank has an automatic shutdown feature and a constant LED display, so your fish are always safe.

Adjustable aquarium heater Aqueon Pro is equipped with a water temperature regulator, which can be easily adjusted to the desired temperature. It is manually controlled. You are less likely to have inaccurate temperature settings. The settings will not be reset when the power is off. The accuracy of Aqueon Pro is within 1 degree which is sufficient for most settings but is estimated as unusual in sensitive environments such as reef tanks.

  • High-quality heater
  • Fully submersible
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Strong and durable
  • Automatically shuts off
  • Temperature values are not always easily readable
  • This may not be an accurate temperature setting

5-Hydor In-Line External Heater

Hydor In-Line External Heater -Best for Small Aquarium

If you keep tropical fish, radiant heaters are extremely important. Whether you have an aquarium or a terrarium. A variety of radiant heaters are commercially available, such as those that overload the aquarium and may be unable to keep up with a consistent water temperature. On the other hand, semi-submersible swimming in an aquarium can be ugly. This item is a type of external heater that helps to maintain a constant water temperature and is both stylish and useful.

However, it is important to note that sometimes the submersible cannot maintain a constant water temperature, and floating semi-submersibles may not be delightful to the heart. Reviewing the Hydron online heater, I want to point out that it’s not only a device that maintains a constant water temperature but one that’s also quite beautiful.

Aquatic animals need a certain temperature to survive. The water temperature must be above 78 degrees for the fish to live. It is for this reason that Hydor instantaneous external heaters are useful.

This device is not suitable for people looking for submersible or semi-submersible water heaters. You shouldn’t immerse the device in water since it is not waterproof.

To prevent damage to the water heater, remember to close the valve tap when installing it. If water flows through the tap, it will damage the material. Additionally, if you remove the external pipe during installation, be sure to remove all water from it. Following the installation of the heater, you should check the pipe for air bubbles as they may also damage the unit.

The heater must be installed in a vertical manner outside the tank instead of horizontally as usual. It works well with sump pumps and canister filters.

There is an advanced screen printing gum plate inside the filter which can heat water. Furthermore, if the return pipe is dry for a long period, the heater will not be damaged.

  • PTC-compatible external heater
  • Best marine aquarium heater For freshwater 
  • Self-switching off to prevent overheating
  • Rotator-dial switch
  • No water resistance
  • For use only with canister filters and sump pumps

6-AQQA Submersible-Top fin Aquarium Heater

best aquarium heater

Do you want to find the best heater for your tropical aquarium? In that case, AQQA would be the best choice. The use of digital controllers and thermostats with built-in purposes is perfect for this. This controller is capable of setting and adjusting temperatures and warning of extreme changes. Then you can provide your tropical fish with a healthy environment.

Additionally, this heater is perfect for tropical fish. It can be used in aquariums of all types due to its wide temperature range of 59°F to 93°F. AquaQa heaters suitable for large aquariums range in power from 100 watts to 800 watts.

Most of the fish tanks are made from heat-resistant quartz glass and PC plastic which are both waterproof and shatterproof and offer much safer conditions for you and your pets who will no longer be afraid of the cold.

 If you have a large fish tank heater of up to 220 gallons, you can choose a higher wattage for 25 to 35-gallon tanks.

The heater is good at controlling temperature and has an automated shut-off protection element that tightly fixes it to the tank. You can use it in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

 For the heater to work correctly, it must be completely dropped into water preferably horizontally or vertically. The working light must be visible clearly.

Installs easily and quickly, submersible tank heater with attached flexible hanging rack and suction cups.

 Before you take it out of the water, be sure it has been switched off and that it has cooled down completely.

 If you place the aquarium heater in the sand, your aquarium may not heat properly.

  • Automated intelligent heating
  • Suitable for small fish tanks
  • Different lights represent different things
  • Fire resistance and overheating protection
  • Saltwater and freshwater compatible
  • No obligation with a lidless tank.

7. Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater

Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater-Best For Large Tanks

High-powered aquarium heaters need a large fish tank. However, this heater is not large but it is incredibly powerful. As compared to the other heaters of different types of brands available in the market, it provides more reliable and consistent temperature control.

Large tanks expect a stronger heater and this 500-watt heater can retain a 100-gallon tank between 68 and 89 degrees. To period submerge, they have a 13-inch radius. You should buy two smaller heaters if your water tank is not too large. As experts prescribe doing so for more consistent heating (the heaters should be positioned at opposing ends of the tank). You can customize the heat with the heater controller knob and can tell if it’s working by the red indicator light. There is a 6-foot cord appended to it.

You can regulate the temperature utilizing the setting. Although it is not considered right,it is easy to correct and can be tweaked when needed.

  • Affordable price
  • Shatter-proof glass
  • Temperature control knob to customize manually
  • Reliable for both salt and freshwater fish tanks
  • Modern technology system
  • Need sustained adjustment
  • Temperature stays fluctuating

8- Hygger Titanium Aquarium Heater

best aqarium heater

Over the years, some of my larger cichlids have broken heaters. Although Severum is not a monster, it can easily crack objects in the tank. I think this Hygger heater is strong and sufficient to admit the challenge.

 There is a thick cage around it for protection. The water tank is 30 inches deep and the top is more than 5 feet high. 

Other heaters do not have a long enough power cord to connect to an outlet without an extension cord. As well as being very durable, the cable seems quite strong. The cables are long enough to be used‌ ‌indoors.

Hygger’s high-power digital quartz aquarium heater is established to heat large and medium-sized fish tanks faster. The heater heats 30-120 gallons in less than two hours. It has full automatic control.

A quartz heater is equipped with an IC temperature controller and a thermometer. 

Below the display screen, there are 2 indicators. Lights on the left side of the heater display red when it is heating. The right side displays green when it is not heating.

Whenever the water temperature rises above 97 °F, the aquarium heater will shut down automatically and when it gets below 95  °F, it will turn on automatically.

There‌ ‌are‌ ‌two suction cups with a black plastic heater protector, one on the sensor and one on the temperature indicator. It can either be installed on the wall or attached to the glass.

You can use it in both freshwater and saltwater easily.

Memory is one of its best features. When powered down, the controller will hold memory information.

  • Temperature set accurately
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • It is light in weight
  • Not to be placed below the substrate
  • Plugs cannot be used when they are plugged in

9-Finexx Titanium Heater

Finnex Deluxe  best Titanium aquarium heater

There are many reasons why titanium heaters are better than glass heaters. Including the fact that titanium is more corrosion-resistant and almost durable. Unlike our latest heater option which only offers high wattage. The titanium Finnex heater is a good option for both customers and teams

The titanium heater does not have a built-in manual control as most titanium heaters do. A controller must be used if you want to program the desired temperature.

The Finex titanium heater monitors and controls the water temperature in your fish tank with an exceptional digital processor. With the controller, the temperature can be easily adjusted via the front panel by displaying the current temperature. It receives temperature‌ ‌data‌ ‌from‌ ‌a‌ ‌sensor‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌heating‌ ‌tube. The controller displays the current temperature so that the temperature can be easily set via the front panel.

Temperature settings are adjustable down to the tenth‌ ‌of‌ ‌a‌ ‌degree.

Sensor functions are combined. Whenever the water level drops too low, an automatic cut-off switch activates and detects the heater tube to the air. When the water level drops too low it exposes the heater tube to the air.

  • Control of the temperaturej intelligently
  • Fully satisfied
  • Exceptionally powerful.
  • A great addition to larger aquariums.
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Quite noisy

10- FREESIA Submersible Fish Tank Heater

best aquarium heater

An excellent glass heater with some of the new features suitable for aquariums up to 10 gallons in size. There is an automatic constant temperature setting in your tank, assuring that the water stays within the set temperature.

It is capable of maintaining temperatures between 15C and 34C.

Its heater rod can be completely immersed in water. However, its temperature control box is usually above the water. Also included a temperature control chip and a multi-function LED digital display for communicating the heater’s situation during use.

A thermostat is installed on the heater. It is possible to temporarily stop the heater when it exceeds a specified temperature and restart it only when the temperature falls so that it maintains a set temperature.

FREESIA’s submersible aquarium heater is excellent value for money according to specific users. Another user praised the heater’s efficiency and installation, as well as its functionality.

It provides excellent value for money. With a 12-month warranty, it is sure to please.

  • Temp control externally
  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Suitable for a wide range of temperatures
  • Easily readable temperature display
  • Large tanks are not recommended
  • Plugged-in devices cannot be operated

Buyer,s Guide

You may now have an idea of the best aquarium heater that is available on the market.

As you can see from my list, I have provided you with 10 options to choose from, taking all of the requirements into the description. 

You still cannot find the perfect companion for yourself?

Nothing to worry about it!

You can get an idea of what to look for when buying a fish tank heater by going through my Buyer’s Guide.

Answer the following question to give you a rough idea of what you’re looking for:

What is the purpose of fish tank heaters?

Most aquarium owners know the importance and benefits of a heater for their water tank. There are small numbers of fish that don’t require a heater. Goldfish and White cloud mountain are the best examples of them. They can rely on room-temperature water happily. But most of the time we can see tropical fish that need heaters to stabilize their body temperature. They need much more warmth than a room temperature of 75F to 85F temperature is needed for them.

 If you don’t give them proper heat it causes serious health issues for your fish. That’s why they don’t only need a heater but also the best fish tank heater required. In other cases, if you fail to provide them with the right one according to their need you may lose them forever.

This shows that the heater is most of the most important thing for an aquarium. In this condition, we have helped you in finding the best heater as I have researched and gone through High-Quality and famous brands of the heater. You can take advantage of our reviews on this heater.

You are lucky to have research-based heaters. Just analyze your aquarium and select it according to your fish needs.

What are the different types of heaters?

The most important thing for you is to know what type of best aquarium heaters you required for your aquarium. We are going to discuss the types of heaters available in the market. They have different brand names but belong to the same category.

Let’s have a look at them:

1. Submersible fish tank heater

Everyone who uses an aquarium heater is known for this type of heater as they are being mostly used. A big community of aquarium owners likes to keep this type of heater. To know what is a submersible heater and how they work you’ll have to understand it.

Most of the time, users have appreciated this type. Due to their good performance, they are becoming more popular day by day. We must first think of a place to keep it.

It can be put under the surface of the water inside the tank. It efficiently warms the aquarium heater water. Its best place is attached to the inlet of fits. The consistency is remarkable.

its monetization system and process heat the water quite easily. If you want a user-friendly and high-performance working device just grab it as it will be with your fish for a long time.

2. Hanging/Immersible heaters

If you are unsure about the Immersible heater and hanging heater, you should know that they are the same. Some other things are also considered before using it. It is hung on the top of your fish tank so that its heating elements can heat the water for the tank.

Beginners who do not have enough knowledge of any type of heater, mostly try this hanging heater in their freshwater tank.

But they are not good for saltwater use, due to lack of efficiency, they can’t provide proper heat to the water. Whenever you want to open the tank lid to check anything, it can be a little hard to open it. As compared to the submersible heaters their heating power is less consistent.

Relax some immersible heaters work. We are not pointing them out. The only thing they need is to be upgraded to another type of heater. It is a big advantage that it is available at an affordable cost. Sometimes a beginner tank kit is also attached to it.

3. Inline Heater

Most aquarists are sensitive about the appearance and uninterrupted view of the aquarium. For those, it can be the best choice as submersible and immersible heaters don’t have this quality.

One of its basic features is a pipe having a heating element that creates heat from the water as it flips through. The intake and output hose of a canister filter is connected to this heater. Mostly it is covered with heatproof plastic it can’t blast or cracked. It is best for those who manage destructive fish who clash with the material of the aquarium, the same as cichlids.

An in-line heater can be placed in the sump, even before the filter. It provides heat to the tank water whenever the water is passing through the inline heater. Leakage chances can be increased by adding a piece to you.

But there is a downside to this heater inline. Most of the time it is observed that it is costly. Its price is double as compared to the glass heater.

Increment in leakage chances can happen if there will be adding a piece to your filtration framework. Buyers of this type of heater need to understand its disadvantages. The more elements will be outside of your tank, the more leakage chances you have.

4. In-filter

Filter heaters are not that popular because they are very efficient or useful. They heat the water in the tank like other heaters but this is a bit unsettled. Buy a filter with a built-in heater or you may need to obtain separate heaters and filters that are cooperative with each other. One big advantage of this is that although they save space, their maintenance and adjustments are not that interesting.

5. In-sump

It is also feasible to use tray heaters. But generally, they are not the most effective option. These things should be placed on a pallet. If you have a pallet, that’s great. Many people with traditional aquariums do not need or do not want to own mussels. Therefore, if you do not have a tray, this is not your best choice. If you have a swamp, this is a good choice because it sets some distance between the heater and the fish, which makes the equation safer.

6. Substrate Heater

It is the gravel heater type also known as substrate heater. a heating cable attached to it is placed under the fish tank substrate. It continuously warms the water, flowing near and among the substrate and restored by cold water close to the surface, assuring much oxygen and nutrient transportation.

There are filters with integrated heating components that heat the water along the way into the filter.

The foremost objective of this heater is to warm the substrate and for the betterment of the water revolution.

Due to this more benefits appear for planted tanks and developed for times of happiness. Despite all the substrate, heaters are rarely used nowadays because of their complications in fixing and maintenance. Different fish require different water temperatures, so if you intend to keep fish of various types, make sure to moderate the specific water temperature requirements.

7. Temperature Range

Aquarium heaters can heat water to a preset temperature only or they can be controlled to heat it to a temperature in between, typically between about 68oF and 90oF, which covers most bases. Different fish need different water temperatures, so be assured to moderate the temperature specifications of whatever fish you intend to keep.

8. Battery-powered Heater

Most curious aquarist comprehends that an unexpected temperature setting can make tropical fish sensitive. In the situation of power failure, it can be very beneficial to have a battery-powered backup in your fish tank.

It is also used to migrate fish when they are being shipped to maintain their warmth until they arrive at their new place.

But these types of heaters require much power for maintenance and it is very difficult to gain battery-powered heaters obtainable on the market. But still, there is a choice of using a battery backup.

How to pick the Best Fish Tank Heater for your Tank?

All the aquarium heaters listed above have great qualities and the perfect temperatures for your fish. It is easy to manage them and you can get proper work from them. but it is also a fact that if one heater is suitable for one’s aquarium fish, it may not be perfect for another.

 If you are going to select a heater for your fish you have to choose them because of their three main parts which are size, cost, and personal choice.


Do you know the main rule of pollen? It means you require per gallon of water capacity between 2.5 and 5 watts. This can certainly adjust depending on how cold the room persists that your aquarium is in, and how large the tank is.

The larger the body of water, the lower the velocity of the water will spend heat, while the more limited the volume of water and the smaller the tank, the quicker the heat will evaporate, so a large value of watt will be needed.

To calculate how much wattage you demand, reduce the room temperature to the required temperature in your aquarium. If your room temperature is 66°F, the temperature of your room should be 76°F. then you need the heater to heat your tank by 10°F.

Safety level

All fish tank heaters must have high-quality safety features. It should be non-negotiable about reliable and durable safety features for your tank.

Most of the time some cheap heaters work the same as costly heaters do. but sometimes it can be very risky. Some aquarists take risks by using these types of heaters.

We will never prefer it and let you choose this type.

We should never make a deal on the safety and heart satisfaction of the life of your aquatic tropical fish at any cost. There are the most important things you should know.

You must have knowledge of its main protection features which are the capability to automatically lock off if the temperature increases too high, or on the other hand the water level gets low. These types of aquarium heaters are not able to be buying them at any cost.

There is a great difference in the pricing of a low-budget fish tank heater that mostly works well and a high-quality heater that can manage all the time is much better. If you have a reliable heater, you will use it for many years. We should never take a risk to save some bucks.

To monitor the water temperature, you will also need a secure and reliable system so that you may check its temperature. There is also a temperature indicator on the heater to show if it is on or off. Nowadays, modern heaters have an LED or LCD screen that has made your work simple and smooth.

Size of Aquarium in Watts

Listed in my reviews of the best energy-efficient aquarium heaters are their wattages for your tank. It is a good idea to have full knowledge about them before purchasing them if you never purchase a heater for their aquarium heater.

The wattage of a heater is an indication of the value of energy production it has. It simply pointed out how well it will be able to produce heat in the water of your tank. You just need a balanced heater that can fulfill your aquarium needs not too weak to work or not too strong to burn your fish. It is usually enough 3-5 watts per gallon of water in your aquarium. It is a basic formula.

We created a guideline chart for your convenience, so until your move you can use it however you like.

best budget aquarium heater

Water Temperature Control

Unlikely, some heaters on the market don’t have the power to pick a particular temperature for the tank water. in that case, you must be aware of getting these types of old heaters even if someone decides to gift them.

Any buyer of a tank must have the strength to twitch the heat when they see passage. Another aquatic growth demands different water temperatures to survive, and it must be your duty to provide this.


Different types of heaters have different pricing as we mentioned in our product reviews. Now it’s up to you whether you choose a branded heater with the best qualities as most of the brands provide.

But limitations in your budget may not allow you to spend more. There are also some budget-friendly heaters on our list. The heaters we offer are the most affordable but branded heaters you can find. It is a fact that money does not grow on trees.

Before going to the cheapest option on the market, think about sacrificing safety. It can damage your aquarium fish’s lives.

We’ll never suggest you do this. That’s why we are satisfied with our research including the best quality heaters at different prices. There are 10 products to choose from that will be suitable for your tank and also your wallet.

But there is also a possibility whenever you buy a heater you might have to buy two heaters according to your size and volume of water. For this purpose, you have to be ready to spend more from your budget. but it can be beneficial for your fish tank.

Types of Aquarium

Aquarium heaters are typically submersible, which means they easily submerge in water. Some may automatically shut off when the water level gets too low. Typically, you can use substrate heaters with reptiles and plants. 

My Favorite

In your opinion, which heater looks the best? Some people don’t care about the presence of equipment in their tanks, others prefer smaller, less prominent units, and others would prefer no material at all.

Submersible aquarium heaters are possibly your best option if you aren’t worried about them taking up too much space inside your tank. Maybe you’d prefer an external heater, either an in-line or a filter heater.

Sharing your experiences makes it easier for other people to make the right choice when it comes to buying aquarium heaters.


1. Is a 300-watt heater good for a 55-gallon tank?

For freshwater aquariums, a rule of thumb to follow is that you need to use at least 2.5 watts per gallon of water in your tank setup For example if you have a 55-gallon aquarium, we recommend getting something between 150 and 300 watts for heaters.

2. What size heater do I need for a 75-gallon aquarium?

A minimum size 225-watt aquarium heater will need to be used if you want to keep a 75-gallon tank at room temperature, while a 375-watt aquarium heater is needed if you want to keep your 75-gallon tank 5-10 degrees above room temperature.

3. Do aquarium heaters use a lot of electricity?

In one year, a 30-gallon aquarium heated to 72F will use 110 kWh of electricity, almost the amount of electricity used in a month. For example, if the tank were heated to 82F, it would consume approximately 440 kW/hr per year, four times what it does now.

4. What size heater do I need for my fish tank?

One simple formula that can help determine the right size heater for your fish tank is 2.5 watts per gallon, with a maximum of 30 watts. If you have an aquarium that is a cube shape and not tall then it will be more efficient to get smaller heaters than 1 large one. Be careful though, no heater should ever be turned above 70% in order to avoid shocking the fish or any other living organism in your tank.

5. Can I put 2 heaters in my aquarium?

Getting two heaters in one aquarium ensures that there will always be a backup! It’s a small upfront investment to ensure the best quality of care for your fish. A dual heater system is also more energy-efficient than using two identical heaters, as constantly turning these on and off these heaters can affect their overall lifespan. Having two heaters means one can back up another when necessary since you’ll be better prepared if an emergency were to arise.

6. Can fish get burned by the heater?

It’s true – aquarium heaters can burn fish. However, this happens very infrequently, and only if there is experimental bad luck involved in addition. What I mean by that is that a heater cannot suddenly burst into flames by itself, it must have some other source of ignition nearby, to begin with (that is usually us humans).

Final Words

When choosing the best aquarium heater for your family and friends, remember that it will contain a variety of fish with slight differences in personalities. There are countless tank options available today, but those vibrant gallons of water that mimic natural habitats are a great place to start. When choosing a saltwater aquarium, consider the biological requirements of the fish you want. Our frequently highlighted characteristics of the tank are also important to your success.

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